On Wednesday 31 May 1911, thousand of people assist to the launching of the White Star new vessel, at Harland & Wolff yards in Belfast.

Her characteristics :
Displacement 45328 t
Length 269,10 m
Beam 28,20 m
Two triple expansion engines of 15 000 hp each one acts on the two wing-screws, a low pressure turbine acts on the central screw ; a total of 29 boilers.
Crew : 892
Capacity : 1034 1st class, 510 2nd class, 1022 3rd class


On Wednesday 10 April 1912, TITANIC leaves Southampton for Cherbourg where passengers use special shuttles, Nomadic and Traffic, to embark.
On Thursday 11 April 1912, TITANIC calls at Queenstown (Ireland) ; here again the sea giant doesn't moore to the pier and the shuttles, Ireland and America, ferry the emigrant waiting for her.

On 14 April, in the night, TITANIC hits an iceberg, some riveted plates are buckled, lthe water enters quickly in the breach.
The liner sends several CQD, a distress signal created by Marconi in 1903, then the new SOS signal received by a liner of the rival company, Cunard Line, CARPATHIA.
This 13 000 tons liner, with 750 passengers is at 58 miles from Titanic, thus about 4 hours ; she arrives on zone 1 hour after the sinking but rescues 703
Th e signal transmitted was CQD and not CDQ : CQ means call to all and  one  adds D for distress.


Notice: the fourth dummy funnel which is smoking...
15 April 1912 at 2.20 a.m.: TITANIC sinks by 41░16' N and 50░14' W


The sister ship of Titanic, OLYMPIC, has a crew reduced to 860 for 735 passengers in 1rst, 674 in 2nd, and 1026 in 3rd.

Page created on 16 June 2002

Sources : The Great Ocean Liners
Titanic by Don Lynch (GlÚnat)
Titanic Hors-sÚrie de Marines


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