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Today, the navigable rivers are traversed by a modern fleet of cruising ships. In Africa, the river transport replaces the roads little pratiquables.

At the beginning of the 20th century in Gambia the two river steamers, LADY DENHAM and PRINCE of WALES, ensure the communication along the 300 miles of the river. They spend six days to go up the river, stopping in way at wharves of villages. LADY DENHAM goes up the Gambia river since 1929; it enters in collision with another ship in 1946. 
Built at Port Glasgow and launched on March 29, 1978 LADY CHILEL JAWARA transports at 11 knots 44 passengers in cabin and 200 on deck; she replaces LADY WRIGHT demolished in 79 after 30 years of service.

LADY WRIGHT launched on June 28, 1949 transfers onto Gambia 280 passengers in 3 classes
LOA 160 ft Displacement 565 T 2 diesels of 330 HP each one 12 knots 


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The MV LIEMBA, ex-Graf von Götzen, was built in 1913 and operated on the lake Tanganyka. Scuttled by its German captain in 1916, the ship is saved in 1924 and renamed in 1927. The ship, today property of Tanzania Railways Corporation, connects Kigoma, in Tanzania, to Mpulungu, in Zambia.

MS ANTON TCHEKOV  built in 1978, renovated into 2003 Length: 115,6 m, width: 16,5 m. 198 passengers for 108 personnel of crew
Built in Austria, it steams under Russian flag for Orthodox Cruise Companie, a company created in 1998 in Rostov on the Don

With its form characteristic of whale, popular dance hall MOBY DICK, launched in 1972, propelled to 20km/h by two diesel engines of 420 horses for 480 places, ensures the continuity of  Spree-Havel-Dampfschiffahrt Gesellschaft Stern founded in Berlin in 1888.

LENIN is one of a series of river cruising ships, drifting of projects not led of 1933 and 1937, operative on the Volga and built by Krasnoe Sormovo in Gorky, accessible to 439 passengers. The LENIN burned in 1984.


Operating on the basin of the Volga, the Q-040 and Q-040A types (standard MAKSIM GORKIY and VASILIY SURIKOV) are the largest ships intended for river cruising. Built in 1974 in Austria, MAKSIM GORKIY, 110 m long can take on board 210 people.

MS THEODOR KÖRNER  steams on the Danube and traverses Passau (Germany) - Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest - Vienna - Passau in 8 days 7 nights for 135 passengers maximum in 65 cabins. Built in 1965, it has undergoes a general restoration in 1998. Its characteristics: 87 m X 17 m, draught 1,7 m, speed 25 km/h.

 In France, on the Seine  or on the Rhine,  cruising boats accommodate from 50 to 150 passengers for one strolls one day.

The Moselle is channelled after agreement between Germany and France in 1956. The overall length of the channel is of 270 km, and allows the passage of barges with a capacity of 1 500 tons.

The city of Mondorf-the-Baths is located at the south of Luxembourg at the French border.



La Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac d'Annecy proposes lunches or dinners dancing cruising on board  LIBELLULE for birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day, lake celebration. Built in 1984 at Chalon sur Saône, 60 m long and 12 m broad, the restoring boat accommodates 280 people on board. 

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The Swiss lakes offer a large panel of trips on old and modern cruise boats. Here is a the wharf at Zurich.



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