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After war interrupt and the recovery of German liners as LIBERTE (ex-EUROPA) as war damages, the trafic start again and the ship building also.
On 3 /8/1991, JEAN LABORDE, became OCEANOS, wrecks during a trip between East London and Durban 2 miles off  Coffee Bay with 361 passengers and 184 crew. The ship sinks on 4 august after the last people has left the board. More than 200 people were saved by helicopter.
PIERRE LOTI is in 1970 the last MM ship to link Madagascar on the line in 1882 by NATAL. She is the first ship of a set of 4 liners Diesel motorised, the last one being Jean Laborde, all coming from Gironde yards.


Launched in 1952 at Brest, TAHITIEN links Marseilles to Sydney via Panama for the Messageries Maritimes from 53 to 72 before being transformed in cruise ship (ATALANTE). 


FRANCE is one of the last liners built at Penhoët, the yard founded by Péreire brothers. She stays one of the most prestigious ships of all times: go to her page.


SHALOM from ZIM Israël Navigation Company is built at  St Nazaire. Her maiden voyage was in 1964 between Tel Aviv and New York, but she was sold in 1967 before becoming a cruise ship.


Built in 1951 as "Ville de Marseille",  MAROC takes this name when transferred on Bordeaux-Casablanca line before taking back her initial name for Algiers route. She steams until scrapped in 73.


Built in 1965 at la Seyne sur mer, SAGAFJORD goes under Cunard flag in 83. 188 metres long, powered by 2 Diesel, equipped with bow thrusters, 618 passengers take place on board. She became SAGA ROSE in 1997.


ROGALIN is a 7800 GRT ro-ro ferry built by Dubigeon yards in 1971 for Silja Line named as AALOTAR for Helsingfors/ Stockholm then from  1977  Helsingfors/Gdansk before going on Ystad / Swinoujscie. She is scrapped in 2003.


The Chantiers de l'Atlantique deliver in 1966 RENAISSANCE, 150 metres long, to the Compagnie Française de Navigation (gathering the companies Paquet, SGTM, Fraissinet-Fabre and Chargeurs Réunis) for Marseille-Haïfa line. After passing under Greeks flags after 1969, she is renamed AWANI DREAM.  


The Ateliers et Chantiers du Havre designed in 87 for Windstar Sail Cruises WIND SONG, classified as a sail ship assisted by engines. On 4 masts, 6 sails (in total 2000 sq m) on sail trimming are controlled by computer. After a fire on  board on 1st of December 2002 off Tahiti, the ship is regard as beyond repair and sunk on 24 January 2003.


LEGEND of the SEAS, built at St Nazaire in 1995, may take 1500 passengers of Royal Carribean Cruise Line at 24 knots. The aft funnel reflects the amidships location of her machinery.  Il breaks with traditional liners offering huge panoramic window bays.


WINDWARD has 623 cabins including 535 external for 1505 passengers. To be note: the nested lifeboat arrangement according recent rules. 


When received by Cunard, QUEEN MARY 2 will be the greater liner: with 345 m, she exceed of 25 m NORWAY and her most recent competitors ; able to reach 30 knots, with 2600 to 3090 passengers, this floating city is really out of standard.

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Maximum cards of QUEEN MARY 2

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